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hey, I'm Kim.

I'm a freelance strategist.

Over the past odd decade my collaboration partners have included exceptional creative agencies, art institutions, publishers and tech companies. I'm often called upon to tackle larger business problems around consumer perception and brand positioning for luxury, tech, spirits and lifestyle brands. Along the way I’ve picked up a bunch of great methods around strategy and facilitation, so I also teach help teams upskill their facilitation and strategy game.

I dig helping out other strategists. My Ladies Who Strategize slack group has 1000 members from all over the globe and I co-ran the SheSays NYC mentorship program for 4 years. 

I also dig helping artists, scientists, and writers as an official mentor through the New Museum’s incubation program, NEW INC.

I regularly speak at conferences, events, and do training sessions focussed on how to facilitate for creativity. 

My other talents include MCing art openings, moderating panels, co-authoring research papers for WARC, and running a NYC whiskey events newsletter called DRAMS.

A little while ago I sat down for a conversation on the strategy themed podcast, Ice Cream for Everyone to discuss my work, film theory, and how my thesis on Back to the Future led me to brand strategy. More recently, I was on We Are Next, a podcast for juniors in advertising.

I’m always game for a coffee but would prefer a dram of whiskey. Just sayin’.

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