Comms Planning

In order to discover what media your consumers are consuming, including when and where, you'll need some comms planning help. My Consumer Journeys are enormously popular, as it's rare for a strategist to successfully do comms planning, and likewise.

There are three different types of Consumer Journeys



Discover the daily journey of your consumer by looking at their habits in a chronologically based chart which shows when they check their phone, what TV shows they prefer, and what streaming services they love. From this information, I'll recommend the top places to reach them and the general messaging points.


product based

An action and trigger based chart, this takes us through the different steps and realizations that your consumer must go through in order to choose and then advocate for your type of product or service. Basically, this shows the lead up to purchase and what influences their choice, whether it be online research, social media channels, or a magazine.



These are best suited for companies who focus in on certain holidays or seasons, so Valentine's Day for boxed chocolates, Christmas for tree ornaments, and so on. They are extensive and provide a huge amount of value.