When you still continue to see ‘best of’ lists which are all men you can do two things:

  1. Get irritated

  2. Get busy

In response to yet another best of list with all men, I curated this open google doc. My Ladies Who Strategize slack group contributed, but then it blew up and became something bigger and better.

This collection of inclusive (women, WOC, POC, non-gender conforming, LGBTIQ) creations re-energizes tired brains with art, podcasts, books, newsletters, magazines, shows, and so on.

Sometimes, the best way to manage passive racism/sexism is to build ways for everyone to become more aware of the excellent, inspirational, invigorating, and exciting output from the types of people who don’t get invited, featured, or celebrated nearly as much as they should be.

The open doc has blown up, been shared, distributed, and loved.

Please add to it and find something new to spark your brain.