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My talks tend to focus on what I know: 

Teaching others how to manifest powerful creativity from both small and large teams.

Showing how to build the relationships you need to make a handsome living out of freelancing. My networking and business development abilities are legendary because of one thing: I like people and love to collaborate.

Clips available on request.

"Kim gave our team a well-prepared and super-illuminating workshop on creative brainstorming. We really enjoyed it and learned a ton about making our brainstorms more efficient, productive, respectful and fun. We are now brainstorming like champs by putting her tips and tricks into action!"

-Annie Granatstein, Head of WP BrandStudio at the Washington Post

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Format: 20-30 min talk, followed by a 30 min training session and 15-25 minute share out, post training session guide included

Ideal for: Conferences, corporate events, any type of company with creative output including technology, PR, creative agencies, publishers, branded content teams, internal agencies

Both The Washington Post, Edelman and numerous creative agencies have benefited from my Creative Brainstorming 101 talk and training session. In it I show teams how to facilitate, then I get them to actually do it on the spot to see the results.


Format: 30-40 minute talk

Ideal for: Conferences, Universities, Ad Schools, Creative Events

This business development talk always gets a barrage of questions, Miami Ad School's latest class of students asked 25 minutes of questions after I gave this talk at their Miami HQ in July and then asked even more questions for another hour the next day. 

After 5 years of freelancing as a brand strategist in New York I recognized that freelancing simply isn't intuitive  so I created this talk to spell it all out! In it, I've highlighted the toughest lessons I've learned and provided a lot of shortcuts to running a successful freelance practice.

This talk has also been a hit at Sarah Lawrence, Hustlefest, and more.

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