Brief: To develop, produce, and distribute video content for online channels, intended to educate and inspire the New Zealand business community. 

Case Study: Dave McClure of 500 Startups

For this project I researched what information would be the most valuable to Kiwi startup founders (pitch advice) and tailored my interview questions and editing around how to present to American based venture capitalists. As the head of 500 Startups, Dave McClure's feedback and answers about what he looks for when deciding on investments were spot on. 

Result: With over 10,100 views with no paid distribution, this video still ranks as the third most popular video on the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Youtube Channel. The popularity was driven through carefully constructed audience research as well as earned and owned viewers, but, remarkably, no paid distribution. The high saturation of this clip in such a niche audience (the population of New Zealand is 4.5 million) was largely thanks to blogs, social media, and domestic (as well as global) grass roots outreach.