My workshop facilitation includes brand purpose, creative brainstorming, and quarterly planning sessions. 


Brand purpose

Some of the top retailers, technology companies, and learning institutes have used my brand purpose workshops to discover the real purpose and pillars of their brand. 

This is a vital part of brand strategy and ensures that everyone on your team participates and believes in the strategy.

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creative brainstorming

Whether it's a group of in house marketers, agency creatives, or an entire department, I help teams discover new solutions and ideas with a creative exercise method often likened to therapy.

Partnering with and enabling creatives to do truly great work is one of the biggest perks of the job for me.


quarterly planning sessions

I began doing 90 Day Sessions in my role as a VP of Marketing and saw how valuable they are to both small and large organizations.

Simply put, I align your c-suite on quarterly and yearly goals, enable your GM to organize projects based off those goals and delegate tasks, and then create a realistic, do-able timeline.